Life-Ready Literacy
Initial Product Release Spring 2020


Break through to a whole new level of literacy and life-ready success


As literacy grows ever more essential to students’ opportunities throughout their lives, it’s time to re-imagine literacy instruction. It’s time to leverage quantum leaps in technology to extend teachers’ reach within and outside the classroom. It’s time to close persistent gaps and ensure that all kids graduate with the skills they need regardless of their starting points. It’s time for the first all-in-one system to directly connect literacy to life-readiness.

In a word, it’s time for Beable.

From Saki Dodelson and the founders of Achieve3000®, Beable is the Life-Ready Literacy Company. A women-owned, mission-driven Benefit Corporation, Beable seeks to create equity, economic opportunity and lifelong success for all learners, from birth to adult. Our initial solutions coming this spring are for middle school and high school.

To be better able.
That's Beable.

To have the power, skills,
means or opportunity to
do anything…
That could
possibly be!
To have the power, skills, means or opportunity to do anything that could possibly be!


Saki Dodelson launched the transformational educational technology company, Achieve3000, nearly 20 years ago to give every student in every classroom the self-same opportunity to realize their potential through online differentiated learning.

The solutions Saki and team pioneered became a powerful and widely adopted force for change. With Beable, Saki has embarked on the next leg of a lifelong journey to bring equity to education and to life through literacy.


  • Saki Dodelson Chief Executive Officer
  • Susan Gertler Chief Academic Officer
  • Rivki Locker Chief Product Officer
  • Dan Shimoff Chief Technology Officer
  • Saki Dodelson, Chief Executive Officer

    Saki Dodelson is the Founder and CEO of Beable, the Life-Ready Literacy Company, and one of today’s true visionaries in education. Prior to launching Beable, Saki was the Founder and CEO of Achieve3000 where she pioneered online differentiated learning and co-developed its patented method of differentiation. Over the past 18 years, Saki and her team helped more than 6 million preK-12 students significantly accelerate reading gains. Now, with Beable, Saki is building on this unprecedented foundation of success to more directly connect literacy to life-readiness and to the skills all students need to unlock economic opportunity and lifelong success in a changing world. Saki has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs and is a recipient of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Influencers in education in 2018 and 2019, Saki is a trusted thought leader and partner to districts nationwide because she always puts the needs of kids and their educators first.

  • Susan Gertler, Chief Academic Officer

    Susan Gertler, Ph.D., is Co-Founder and Chief Academic Officer at Beable, roles she also held at Achieve3000. Susan has been developing differentiated curricula in the preK-12 and adult education markets for over 25 years, leveraging her expertise in education and psychology to provide for the unique needs of every learner. Susan brings to Beable a proven track record of innovation, putting theory into effective practice by recognizing the value offered by every stakeholder – student, teacher, school and district administrator, parent, community member – and creating the content and methodologies to magnify their contributions. Susan collaborates with industry experts to build blended learning opportunities, focusing on how every student can demonstrate success through a combination of independent learning and targeted support. Susan’s vision is instrumental to the success of Beable.

  • Rivki Locker, Chief Product Officer

    Rivki Locker has extensive experience as an educator and product development leader. Rivki is applying this experience to develop Beable and create a more relevant, intuitive and effective experience for preK to adult learners. A former classroom teacher and reading specialist, Rivki spent the first portion of her career working hands-on with students, and in particular with struggling readers.  With this critical foundation, she then joined Achieve3000 as a member of the founding team, where she conceptualized the innovative, award-winning and immensely successful Achieve3000 product line. Thousands of schools across the globe used and benefited from these innovative offerings. Additionally, the products won numerous awards including Tech & Learning Best of Show at ISTE, the Mid-Atlantic Top 100 Technology and Learning Award of Excellence, and finalist placement in the SIIA CODie awards.

  • Dan Shimoff, Chief Technology Officer

    As CTO and Co-Founder at Beable, Dan Shimoff’s focus is on architecting and developing the next-generation system connecting literacy to life-readiness, using new technologies and methodologies to ensure that our solutions are reliable, scalable and extensible. Dan is a seasoned technologist, business leader and strategist with an extensive background in educational technology. Prior to Beable, Dan was VP R&D and General Manager at McGraw-Hill Education where he built high-performance engineering teams and established MHE’s Integration Practice that provided integration and rostering services across all MHE products and platforms. During this time, Dan served as MHE’s overall technical representative and coordinator to IMS Global, the education industry consortium dedicated to defining and implementing common standards. For more than 25 years Dan has served in technology leadership roles, building companies and leading their engineering divisions, most notably PictureVision (acquired by Kodak), Demantra (acquired by Oracle) and Tegrity (acquired by McGraw-Hill Education). For over a decade, Dan has given back to the tech community by mentoring executives in the Internet/software industry.


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